Indonesia Surrounded Potential Disaster

Indonesia Surrounded Potential Disaster

As we know Indonesia is famous with the beautiful nature and has rich of natural resource such as a lot of volcano mountain, with a thousand of the island and white sand beach, also many diverse flora and fauna.

In the other side, Indonesia also has potential disaster that we do not expect of it. The potential disaster is unexpected and no one is expecting it.

Indonesia is one of countries that have most vulnerable of natural disaster in the world, it was according to The United Nations International Strategy for Disaster Reduction (UNISDR).

There are several disaster looks like earthquake, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, floods, landslide, drought and fire prone forest ever happened in Indonesia.

From the various types of the natural disasters mentioned above, UNISDR ranks that there are six types of natural disaster including landslides, disasters, floods, earthquake, hurricanes and droughts.

According to that types, Indonesia become a first in two natural disasters, those are tsunamis and landslides. On the third rank is earthquake and the sixth is floods. Only in two natural disasters that rarely happened in Indonesia. They are droughts and hurricane.

The UNISDR has mentioned the ranking of countries that affected of natural disaster. They are :

Natural disasters tsunami; Of 265 countries ranked Indonesia first with 5,402,239 people were affected. Beat Japan (4,497,645 victims), Bangladesh (1,598,546 victims), India (1,114,388 victims), and the Philippines (894,848 victims).

Natural disasters landslides; From Indonesia 162 countries ranked first with 197 372 people were affected. Outperformed India (180,254 victims), China (121,488 victims), the Philippines (110,704 victims), and Ethiopia (64,470 victims)

Natural disasters earthquakes. From 153 countries Indonesia ranks third with 11,056,806 people were affected after Japan (13,404,870) and the Philippines (12,182,454). Two Indonesia is ranked below China (8139068) and Taiwan each with 8,139,068 and 6,625,479 casualties.

Natural disasters flood; Of 162 countries-Indonesia comes out to 6 with 1,101,507 persons affected. Previous ranking sequentially occupied by Bangladesh (19,279,960 victims), India (15,859,640), Chinese (3,972,502), Vietnamese (3,403,041), and Cambodia (1765674).

On the other side, Indonesia also has a lot of mountain located from the west to the east Indonesia geography. It is noted 83 active volcanoes that lying from Sabang to Merauke. In fact, It makes Indonesia also a disaster prone country with the volcanic eruptions and volcanic earthquake.

The character of each volcanic eruption in every territories are also vary, it makes different handling in each area.

As we know that Indonesia is a second country that has longest beach  in the world after Canada. Long coastline of Indonesia’s beach was recorded at 81.000 miles. This condition is caused that Indonesia become a tsunami disaster prone country, moreover Indonesia is very prone to earthquake due to tectonic geographical position.

It is caused by location at the end of three world’s plates movement, they are Eurasian, Indo-Australian and Pacific.

There are so many potential disaster happened in Indonesia makes several problems require handling disasters are planned, so that the disasters such as floods, landslides can be prevented with preventive treatment looks like planting trees in the deforested natural area.

It is different for unavoidable disaster such as volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, and tsunami, those damages and loss of the victims can be reduced as low as possible.


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